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    CairoIT is a professional software solutions company which provides unique software solutions for today's changing market, CairoIT builds applications that provide answers to the clients’ most challenging business questions.

    5Learn is an e-Learning SBU that offers e-Learning solutions depending on the need of each client. E-Learning solutions offered by 5Learn include: E-Content Development, Localization, E-Learning Environment Deployment, and E-Learning Administration Services. 

    Propinque is a Digital Marketing SBU which offers a full suite of services that includes: Strategic Digital Services, Social Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, Web-Solutions, Video Marketing as well as Business Services which include multimedia solutions, online advertising, E-cards, and Digital Asset Library development. 


CairoIT along with its  two main SBUs (Strategic Business Units) 5Learn and Propinque work side by side to fulfill your most challenging business needs, here are the details!