Founded in 2002, CairoIT Solutions is headquartered in Cairo, Egypt and has an active branch in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
CairoIT, Propinque and 5Learn integrated services include the following:
- Software Consulting and Development
- E-learning 
- Digital Marketing 
Without technology, your business won’t keep up with competitors or even have a head start on them. And you have to be abreast with the latest technology and ever changing market trends. However, technology is changing at the speed of light, and here comes our role; we help your business to change as well.
And that’s why CairoIT established its SBUs; to help serve its customers better, with more focus and attention. Our integrated services allow us to provide our clients with comprehensive solutions that are up-to-the-minute, smart, and reliable.
We are a total IT solutions and services provider with focus on understanding the unique needs of each customer and creating solutions to match their requirements in a professional and efficient manner within the customer’s budget and a determined timeframe.
Never has it been more critical than in today's business-paced world that the margin for inaccuracy is eliminated. Perfection is the target in every step in the business process.